Saturday, March 24, 2007

Some of Your Questions Answered

This is a list of questions and answers provided by menufoods concerning the pet recall. For more information, go to:

1. What exactly is covered by the Menu Foods Recall and for what timeframe?

The recall is limited to “cuts and gravy” style pet food in cans and foil pouches produced on specific dates and times between December 3, 2006, and March 6, 2007 in two of Menu’s plants. The recall affects 42 brands of cat food and 53 brands of dog food. In order to determine whether cat and dog food that your pet consumed is subject to recall, you should refer to the list of brand names on this website.

2. What should I do if I think my pet may have consumed the recalled product?

If your pet is exhibiting any signs of kidney failure please contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Symptoms include loss of appetite, vomiting, weakness, disorientation and changes in water consumption and urination. If you suspect that you have fed the recalled pet food to your cat or dog, save any remaining pet food and the can or pouch. Open cans or pouches may be double-bagged in sealable plastic and kept in the freezer.

3. Who is going to pay my vet bills for sickness and death?

If Menu Foods product is the cause of sickness or death, Menu Foods will take responsibility. Menu has engaged a professional firm to manage your concerns and is currently contacting concerned pet owners who have reached our call center. Specific direction will be received from these individuals. Please keep copies of all your vet records and receipts for pet food purchases as well as vet bills.

4. What do I do if I have pet food that has been recalled?

Please return it to the retailer for a refund.

5. Will I be reimbursed for the food that I return to the retailer even if my pet did not get sick?

Yes, if it is a valid product that is subject to the recall.

6. How do I know if the food I bought has been recalled?

The information is contained on this website. Not all date codes are subject to recall so please fully check the information on your can or pouch. The information on the website is organized by cat or dog then by brand and description. None of the traditional “loaf” style products are subject to this recall.

7. I feed my pet dry food. Is dry pet food safe?

Menu Foods only manufactures wet pet food in cans and foil pouches. Dry pet food is not part of the Menu Foods recall.

8. Are there other ways my pet might get sick and show similar symptoms?

Yes – antifreeze ingestion, certain rodenticides and some medications. Certain lilies have been shown to cause kidney failure if consumed by cats. Grapes have been reported to cause kidney failure in dogs and may affect cats. Physical damage from trauma and cancerous conditions can also cause kidney damage.

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