Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Switching to a dry food diet

With the current pet food recall, veterinarians are recommending to put your pet on a dry food regiment to be safe. As it turns out, a dry food diet is typically thought of as better for your pet for the following reasons:
  • Wet food and dry food have virtually the same nutrition levels, depending on brand and kind.
  • Dry food generally costs less per serving
  • Dry food stays fresh when left in a bowl all day
  • Dry food requires less space to store.
  • Dry food is typically better for your pets' dental hygiene, however, can hurt older animals when they chew.
  • Dry food is better for your animal's digestive system.
If you are switching over to dry food, some things to look out for:
  • If you are buying organic, be positive that it is 100% organic. If it's anything less, you can't be sure where it came from.
  • The term "natural" is not necessarily safe, as the term is not regulated by the FDA.

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